Class Descriptions




Hatha style classes are presented with humor and sensitivity, with various levels available.  Enjoy reassuring, precise attention to alignment while maintaining the flexibility and grace inherent in the art of Yoga. Yogic teachings are drawn upon to create a complete practice for body, mind, and spirit.  Expect to feel happier afterwards.



A gentle, slow-moving practice that holds poses with the help of supportive props.  Class includes pranayama, the practice of rhythmic breathing to promote health and peacefulness within.  Expect to sleep well and feel rested and calm, and to have the happy effects linger for days. 



Light Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama

Class is supported with opening poses designed to train and calm the mind.  Rhythmic breath work is explored, as is various methods of stilling the mind. Class ends in a relaxed, grounding rest period.  Expect to feel increased cardiovascular health, a quiet mind, and a peaceful, contented soul.



Aligned Flow (Vinyasa)

The Sanskrit word Vinyasa is translated as "linked poses."  The practice of vinyasa is more cardio-inclined than hatha yoga, as there is mostly constant action for the duration of the class.  Vinyasa is good to practice when you are feeling like you need an active workout that leaves you refreshed and balanced at the end.



Dharma Studies: Philosophy Series

Yoga Philosophy 6-week courses focusing on yogic and other spiritual texts, meeting in a study group format that includes easy yogasanas to help the body and mind assimilate the teaching.  Expect to feel connected, supported, and inspired to do better for yourself and your world.  



Yogasana Masters 

Advanced classes and workshops offered to students who have maintained a regular practice for at least a year. check individual workshops for prerequisites.  Class is in workshop format, come prepared to challenge yourself, learn and explore.  Expect to advance your practice, have plenty of fun, and feel inspired.